Act I of My Swan Song

Hello, this is the first blog post I’ve ever written. In case you haven’t heard, I am doing a summer internship with Professor Greg Rabb, who also serves as President of City Council for Jamestown, NY. I’ve had Dr. Rabb for all of my political science classes and he’s the one who¬†converted me from a history major to a history & political science major. Over winter break, I participated in the SUNY Model European Union with him and several other students in Brussels, Belgium.

This summer is the end of my time here at JCC. I will be completing my Liberal Arts &¬†Sciences: Social Science degree, so come fall I will be saying good-bye to JCC. I will miss it and the friends I’ve made these past two years in Student Senate, Campus Activity Board, and Hall Council.

I hope this blog will give people an idea of what is going on in Jamestown politics. So please, join me on my final adventure at JCC.

Be swell everyone.

About the author

James Snider

Hello my name is James Snider. I am a soon-to-be graduated sophomore at JCC. During my two years here, I was a Student Senator, Campus Activity Board Officer, member of the Student Affairs Committee, and President of Hall Council. This summer I will be interning with Dr. Greg Rabb, political science & law professor at JCC. Dr. Rabb is also the President of the Jamestown City Council. There I will be learning how city government works first hand. I hope you will enjoy this experience as you follow my adventure. This fall I will be going to Brockport.