Achieving Mastery

I’ve learned that life isn’t easy, bad things come in threes, and mind over matter actually works. I’ve also learned that starting a college essay at 8 p.m. guarantees sleep deprivation, newspaper clubs are extremely difficult to establish, and reading 200 pages a day equals the beginning of bad eyesight. I’m in college now and learning these concepts represents minuscule stepping stones on the paved golden path that leads to my future. My future isn’t unknown, however, for I have gained control of achieving mastery.

Mastery is defined as follows:

Mastery: Noun; (a) comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject (b) control over someone or something*

I’d love to believe that I have control over life and the knowledge I learn, but I do not. However, I do have control over how I’d like my life to be. I have the right to make choices, the duty to make rational decisions, and the power to emit optimism in all that I do. In these ways I have become a master at controlling my life. Achieving mastery wasn’t an easy task for me, and I’m still learning. I make mistakes, I have regrets, and I have to accept that not all things are perfect… just as all people do. We’re all on the trek to owning our lives, but it’s a wonderful thought to know you’re not alone.

*Mastery definition:

About the author

Taylor Kickbush

Aspiring fashion journalist, freelance photographer, and lover of running-my name is Taylor Kickbush. Being a 19-year-old sophomore at Jamestown Community College, I find it hard to believe that my associate’s degree in communication is in sight and adulthood rests just beyond the horizon. At this point in my college career, I have discovered that JCC offers wonderful opportunities to create friendships and network with valuable career professionals from (literally) around the globe! As a prospective internship awaits my attendance in London, England this spring, I plan to trek the UK and represent JCC with all of the workplace etiquette its classes have taught me. Every day I feel one leap closer toward successfully achieving my dreams, and one day I hope you can say the same. In closing, I thank all those who read these words as I write about the everyday obstacles we all hurdle on the route to our becoming who we want to be.