A Busy Week of Opportunities

Reggie Dabbs, a motivational speaker and accomplished saxophonist entertained JCC students, faculty and staff on October 27 in the Student Union.

Reggie Dabbs, a motivational speaker and accomplished saxophonist, entertained JCC students, faculty and staff on October 27 in the Student Union.

Great qualities and memories that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you type of person you are or what your beliefs or interests are. As time goes by, I am increasingly convinced that everyone can find a place to be at home here!

Such was the case this week for the Impact at JCC Christian group and all students on campus. Over the past seven days, the Impact group has had two huge events that were open for all students to enjoy.

The first was the retreat at Mission Meadows last weekend. This is an opportunity for individuals to join together for a weekend in fellowship, praise, and spiritual growth. There were speakers, games, worship music, and a lot of fun from Friday to Sunday! It is very affordable, which opens it up to just about everyone, and a great time was had by all! All of the people I spoke to reported that it was so powerful and moving for them. Topics spanned a very wide range, so there was something there for everyone.

From what I have heard, the previous retreat last year was equally successful, and both have been amazing in bringing some people to faith and others to solidify theirs. What a great way to grow in faith, learn about God, and make a lot of new friends!

On Tuesday, JCC was proud and honored to have Reggie Dabbs on campus to talk to students and staff.  He is a motivational speaker who travels around the nation and world, working to inspire and uplift children and adults alike. I highly encourage you to check him out via a search on the web if you don’t know who he is. He was in the area for four days and spoke at over 20 local schools! We were so grateful he was able to come here and share some of his time with us!

Reggie spoke in the Student Union on Tuesday for around an hour. He is amazingly talented at playing a saxophone, and this was a big part of his presentation. He also shared about the importance of knowing that every single one of us is loved, regardless of a dark past or bad relationships we have had. It was a real treat to hear him. I can see why he is such a wanted man in so many places around the country … everyone should hear this message, old and young and all those in between!

Unfortunately I was unable to be present for either one of these events due to outside factors. I spoke to many of my friends in Impact about the retreat, though, and was very happy to hear of its success.

Reggie was unable to make it in at any other time due to his obvious tight schedule, but this meant I could not be present due to classes. However, I did get to see his talk at another school during the week and was very impressed. The fact that one week could bring so many wonderful events to our little campus is a true testament to the dedication we have in providing as many varied opportunities as possible, to as many students as possible.

I hope you got to enjoy some of these great happenings on the last very busy week in October! And if so, I really hope you got a lot out of them and had a wonderful time!

Thanks especially to all those who put in so much time and effort to make this happen. On behalf of the student body, we are so very appreciative for all the hard work!

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Hi, my name is Nick, and I am a freshman at JCC. I previously attended Sherman Central School where I graduated in June. I am also blind, and I plan to blog about campus life and activities from a visually impaired person's perspective. It's easy to find information on what it is like to go to college, but the entire experience changes for a person without sight! I will share my experiences in residence living, campus activities, athletic events, and anything else that goes on!