5 Things You Need to Do to Get Ready for the Spring Semester

Who is excited about Spring 2013!? I’m super excited about this semester but winter break could have been a little bit longer, that’s for sure. As we gear up for another semester here are some tips to start the semester off strong!

1. Make sure your classes will transfer

Are you planning on transferring after you complete your degree? If so, make sure that the classes you are taking this semester will transfer to another school. Hopefully you and your advisor have had this talk already, but if you haven’t contact him/her immediately! You will need to talk to your advisor as well as the transfer advisor at your next school to make sure that your transfer process will be a painless one. Don’t know who your advisor is? Go to Banner and look at your Advisement Transcript or contact the counseling center at 716.338.1007 in Jamestown or 716.376.7508 in Olean.

2. Start pricing your books

Alright, this one is a no-brainer. But you do have some options when it comes to buying books. Some dedicated college students—not myself, I might add—start looking up book prices or asking their friends for old books before Christmas. I start before the new year begins. I am always caught in a dilemma between buying books from the Campus Store or trusting my luck with some online site like Amazon or Chegg. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to both:

Buying from the bookstore:

The bookstore is probably the most convenient way to buy your books and there is a very good chance that they will have what you need. One of the best kept secrets about the bookstore is that you can buy your books online and, for a $2 handling fee, pick up your books at the bookstore! You don’t have to wait in line and you don’t have to wander the store room. Another option at the bookstore is renting your books. The most popular books for classes like ENG 1510 and MAT 0600 are usually available for rental. One disadvantage to the bookstore is that once the used books run out, you have to buy a new book. Also, lines can get pretty long at the beginning of the semester. You can buy books online now and in campus stores on Thursday, Jan. 10. Hours vary, so check out these links for Jamestown, NCEC, and Catt County for more information.

Buying books online:

If you are going to buy online you want to be sure that your books arrive on time. Don’t get stuck waiting for a book three weeks into the semester! Sometimes you can save a lot of money buying used books, but you might have to deal with a book that has been loved dearly–aka highlighted, dogeared, and obviously dropped multiple times.

3. Check Angel to see who is going to be in your classes

If you go into the Angel facility through MyJCC and click the “Communicate” tab you can look at the course roster for the class. Don’t be nervous if you don’t recognize any names, there is no time like the present to meet someone new!

4. Do a little research on your professor

The website ratemyprofessor.com allows students to rate their professors based on the difficulty of their courses, the clarity of the professors, use of the textbook, as well as the student’s prior interest level in the course. It’s a good tool to use, but don’t go into class thinking that your Stats professor is going to be a jerk. Sometimes students use the site to vent, but most of the time the rating is a solid representation of the professor. Check out JCC’s professors here.

5. Check the Calendar

On the MyJCC homepage there is a calendar of events to the right side of the page. Check it out for the latest sporting events and campus life activities. You can also access the events calendar right on the SUNY JCC webpage. Did you know that men’s and women’s basketball play on the 22nd at home at 5:30 or that there will be a Luau sponsored by Student Senate in February? The bookstore even posts when they will have sales!  Be the first to know with the Calendar of Events.

How do you get ready for the beginning of the semester? Let us know in the comments below!

About the author

Kate Ewer

Hi, my name is Kate and I’m currently a sophomore student at Jamestown Community College. I work on campus answering phones at the switchboard and also help out in the President’s Office. I love to sing and have participated in choir and vocal jazz here on campus. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and spending time on my family’s farm with my goats.