44 Late-Starting Classes You Didn’t Know Existed

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Everyone loves some extra credit, but what about some extra credits (Hey-o!)? JCC is offering some late starting classes for fall that just may suit your interests. If you are a sophomore and need a few more classes to graduate this spring, this might be your saving grace! If you are a freshman this year, taking a few more classes (or even just one) will put you one step closer toward graduation. Sounds promising, right?

Because autumn is a time for change, let’s be open-minded while reading my top 10 “extra credits” classes that I think all students should look into. (I’m a busy woman, so I can’t talk about them all!) If I don’t list a class that catches your eye, keep in mind that there are a total of 44 late starting courses being offered. Check out the full list on the JCC website. If you find one you like, just jot down the CRN and go to the registrar’s office on your campus to find out how to register.


1.  Biology of Birds (JM 5725): Because I find birds fascinating, and you might too, this class would be a fun elective! In Biology of Birds students will be learning about the anatomy, physiology, evolutionary history, behavior, and more about Love Bird Wallpaperthe most colorful and popular group of animals on Earth (yes, most popular, because mammals are totally overrated. Fur and a couple of extra glands do not a winner make). Ever wonder why certain birds sound the way they do? Have you ever watched a bird fly and thought it was a beautiful and freeing sight? Want to impress your environmental friends? This class would do the trick!

2. CJ and Substance Abusers (JM 4736, OL 5300): Criminal justice is a broad field, and I appreciate all that police officers and those who work in the field do. This course on Criminal Justice and Substance Abusers offers the chance to learn how to identify and communicate with persons having an alcohol or drug problem who are being processed in the criminal justice system. I think it would be a really eye-opening class.

3. English Composition I (JM 3771) or II (JM 4774): Everyone who attends JCC needs to complete courses in English, so why not get them out of the way this fall? English Comp I and II will challenge your writing skills, critical thinking, and reading abilities. The outcome will be substantial, leaving you with precise and clear essay and organizational skills. I love English and if I didn’t already take this class I’d be signing up now!

4. Life/Career Planning (JM 3234, DK 3240, online 3235, online 3236): Hold the phone, there’s actually a class on how to plan for life? Yes, yes there is. In this elective students will increase their understanding of their own abilities, strengths, values, needs, interests, and personality traits in regard to planning for their life and career goals. They will also learn how to locate and use various sources of occupational, career planning, and educational planning information, and will identify career goals and objectives. Think of it like a class on how to hack your life. This class should be titled “How to be #Winning. Always.” What do you have to lose by taking this course?

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^This could be you.

5. Current Events & the Media (JM 5430, JM 5468, JM 5469): Do you like to keep on top of current events? Are you the type of person who always knows what’s going on? If so, this class will be a blast. In Current Events & the Media, students will explore the way current issues and events are presented by the media, because there’s more to any broadcast than just some reporter reading a report to a video camera. The class aims to tie in with other JCC events to enrich the class experience. It will leave students with the ability to discuss, interpret, and explain a variety of issues and gain an understanding of the variety of ways information is present in mainstream American culture.


6. Auto in Art, Culture, Literature (JM 5482): I know I love cars and I love art. What happens when you combine the two? Auto in Art, Culture, Literature happens. By taking this course you will examine the automobile and its role in American culture, because cars are everywhere in American culture. It’s basically the ultimate symbol of America, after the American flag. You will also gain an understanding of and appreciation for the automobile in mainstream American culture and its impact on art and literature (yes, literature, because more great books revolve around cars than you ever would have guessed). By studying the automobile through a variety of media, including music, art, literature, and history, students will be left with a greater appreciation and knowledge of the commonplace vehicle. Come on. If that didn’t sound awesome I don’t know what does.

7. Fitness Concepts/Applications (JM 4033): Being healthy is a huge ordeal in college. It’s called the freshman fifteen, not the freshman “I finally got toned calves and a six pack.” By enrolling in Fitness Concepts/Applications you can get your exercise and get credits for it, too! This class lets students choose either a weight training or cardiovascular conditioning program. Topics covered in this course will include injury prevention, nutrition, weight control, body composition, lower back care, and relaxation techniques. I don’t know about you, but earning credits while exercising sounds like a perfect way to keep my mind and body in shape.

8. General Psychology (JM 3411, OL 3324): You use your brain everyday; now it’s time to study it. In General Psychology students can learn about the theories and research affiliated with the fundamental concepts of psychology. They will learn about personality theories, psychological disorders, behavior, and other topics. Most students come out of this class with a good understanding of how the brain works. I know I was fascinated by it!

9. Student Success Seminar (JM 5749, JM 5748, JM 3573): I took this class as a freshman and it really helped me get a handle on college life. It is designed for students to acclimate to the college lifestyle and orient students for higher education. Students learn about personal responsibility and JCC resources that can help them achieve their higher educational goals. I recommend this! Heck, “Success” is right there in the name!

10. Master Student (JM 3566, DK 3647): Much like Student Success Seminar, Master Student classes are developmental courses. Master Student helps students develop the skills necessary to reach their educational goals, including improved study skills, communication skills, and time management skills. The interdisciplinary class examines life issues faced by college students and is beneficial in helping students overcome irresponsibility. We could probably all use this class, whether we want to admit it or not.

There you have it, my TOP 10 “EXTRA CREDITS” CLASSES. I recommend you look into at least one of these courses, or research the other 34 late starting classes on the JCC website. These courses are fun electives created for college students exploring their interests and focusing on long-term success. Remember, college is all about trying new things and enrolling in a new class may be your way of creating a new adventure. Be brave, make some new friends, and talk to your advisor about adding a late starting class to your fall schedule. What do you have to lose?

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