365 Days in the Hillside Suites

The residence life staff at a RA training in 2010

Me, from RA training in 2010 (aka way back when)

The halls are honestly too quiet now. This was my first year as a residence director at Jamestown Community College. Obviously, that meant that this year was crazy busy. I should be relishing this opportunity to catch my breath. But no, instead, I miss all of our students coming in and out of the building, stopping in to say hi and making sure I was having a good day. I miss all the programming we hosted throughout the year. I miss seeing residents hanging out and having a good time together, building that sense of community that a college thrives on. We developed a true a sense of pride for living in the Hillside Suites.

I absolutely loved my first year as a Residence Director at JCC. Sure, not all of it was hunky-dory, but what in life is? It was very challenging and sometimes stressful, but I wouldn’t change it for a second. I am proud of the work the residence life staff did last year. We pulled together, figured out what we needed to do, and did our best to help our students be successful.

My passion for this job comes from my own experiences as a resident in the Hillside Suites South during my freshman year, and as a resident assistant in the Hillside Suites North as a sophomore. I remember being a student and what it was like to be away from home for the first time. I experienced the traditional feelings of homesickness, uncertainty, and the desire to succeed. I remember the small things that other people did for me while I was a student that made such an impact in my life. All of these things influence the person I am today. They have helped shape me, and I spent last year attempting to help others succeed as well.

From supervising the resident assistants, to following through with policies and procedures, to organizing engaging programs, I committed my time and energy to doing what I could for our residents. I, however, was never acting alone. From day one, I had a supportive staff and college community where each of us could contribute our personal skills to make our program a truly successful one. I am very fortunate to be part of the Residence Life staff at Jamestown Community College, and look forward to strengthening our program in the future.

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Kayla Crosby

Hello, my name Is Kayla Crosby and I’m currently the Residence Director of Hillside Suites West at Jamestown Community College on the Jamestown Campus. A few years ago, however, I was a student at JCC. I lived on campus both years while I was studying at JCC; first in the South Hall and then as a Resident Assistant in the North Hall. I was also a Student Ambassador and the point guard for the Lady Jayhawks Basketball team. During my time as a student at JCC, I was able to meet new people and grow as a person. Now that I have my bachelor’s degree, I am back at JCC to help more students achieve their goals. Stay connected with me though my blog as I continue to share more about Residence Life at JCC.