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SEVEN in Chautauqua County: Stories Told, Voices Heard, and Ways to Continue the Conversation

“Pain is not transformed, it is transferred…we cannot nor should we ask those who have been through trauma to bury it. Healing comes through conversation, through openness. We need to…

JCC Spain Immersion

Finding and Maintaining Immersion

¡Hola from la beautiful ciudad of Valladolid!  These primera few semanas han been increíble. That greeting probably makes no sense to most people, but I’ll get to that in a…

Katie at Spanish Castle

Seizing the day by saying “Sí”

14 days, 336 hours, 20,160 minutes, and 1,209,600 seconds or something equivalent to that, that represents how much time I have been able to seize my days here in Spain. Within…