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Cattaraugus County Campus basketball team

The Countdown To Game Day

Hello, readers! I have missed the last few weeks with my blogging. Hours and days fly by with how busy the week becomes, and we all have to keep up…

A World Famous Production at JCC: Les Miserables

Recently, I attended one of the many rehearsals for the new production of Les Miserables at Jamestown Community College. As the performances will soon be coming in November, I’ve been…

Power to the Students: SUNY SA and Making Our Voices Heard

We go to SUNY JCC, but does the SUNY part really have anything to do with us? As students, it’s easy to think that our voices go unheard, especially from…

Man manufacturing steel, with sparks everywhere

Internship of the Week: Steel Manufacturing Facility Intern, Dunkirk Specialty Steel

Manufacturing, especially steel manufacturing, has a long and proud history in Western New York. In more ways than one, it’s what this area was built on. That history continues to…

life hacks

10 #CollegeHacks To Make Your JCC Life a Breeze

I’m sure many of us know about the #LifeHacks that have been making their statement across various social medias. If you haven’t heard of them, they are unique tips that many websites (including use…

Two people talking made out of social media symbols

Internship of the Week: Social Media Ambassador, JCC

Social media is everywhere. And by now we’ve all heard the stories about how a poor decision on what to post to social media ended up costing a person their…

Woman doing graphic design work at a computer

Internship of the Week: Graphic Design Intern, Hanson Sign Companies

We don’t always realize it, but graphic design is everywhere. That can of soda you picked up at the supermarket? A graphic designer came up with that packaging and design….