2014 Volunteer and Internship Fair

Jamestown Community College hosted our first Volunteer and Internship Fair on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Non-profit and private organizations spoke about their programs and opportunities for students. Do you know how many possibilities you have to learn new skills, utilize your education, and help others in our community?

Read more about the following organizations and what they offer. If you see a volunteer or internship position that you’d like to pursue, please contact the Office of Experiential Learning at 716.338.1381 or on the web.

Office of Experiential Learning

JCC Office of Experiential Learning [website]
Representative: Felix Muzza

The Office of Experiential Learning is the JCC headquarters for internships, volunteer work, and more! Whether you’re interested in showing off your smarts at Scholar’s Day, ready to intern abroad in Spain or China, or want to connect with community organizations, director Felix Muzza (pictured) is your go-to gentleman.

JCC Office of Sustainability

JCC Office of Sustainability [website]
Representative: Tom Meara

Related fields of study: communication, environmental science, math and science

Opportunities: The Office of Sustainability promotes green choices and environmentally friendly programming for the JCC community. Program coordinator Tom Meara (pictured) is dedicated to giving students the opportunity to learn the principles of sustainability by actively working to make JCC a greener place. Internships are available on the website, and the office is also open to working with the student and their advisor to build an internship that is meaningful to them as well as educational.

JCC Warren Center

JCC Continuing Education at the Warren Center: PHEAA Work Study [website]
Representative: Abigail Skinner

Related fields of study: multiple fields for Pennsylvania students

Opportunities: Senior project manager Abigail Skinner (pictured) and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) offer a work study program to support paid work experiences for eligible Pennsylvania students and employers. Depending on student eligibility and work study awards, Pennsylvania employers may receive up to 30% reimbursement of student wages, and nonprofits may receive up to 40% of wages.

Chautauqua County Humane Society

Chautauqua County Humane Society [website]
Representative: Sue Bloom

Related fields of study: math and science, media arts, multimedia production, office technology

Opportunities: The Chautauqua County Humane Society gives our animal friends a second chance for a new home and a better life. Volunteer opportunities range from walking dogs and caring for the animals to taking photos and working with the computer database. Students can also apply for internships for office technology, video production, and the vet tech program.


Chautauqua Striders [website]
Representatives: Melissa Dorchak, Pam Gustafson

Related fields of study: adolescence education, childhood education, early childhood education, early childhood development, early childhood, human services

Opportunities: Chautauqua Striders provides educational opportunities, advocacy for youth and parents, and athletic programs in Chautauqua County. They welcome volunteers for staffing and running events, as well as mentors and tutors.

Chautauqua Tapestry

photo by Greg Swab

Chautauqua Tapestry [website]
Representatives: Lexi Baglia, Victoria Patti

Related fields of study: adolescence education, childhood education, early childhood education, early childhood development, early childhood, human services

Opportunities: Chautauqua Tapestry supports children and youth with emotional and behavioral challenges in the community. Volunteers are able to assist with event planning and execution, wellness discussions in the community, community outreach, and training.

Compeer Chautauqua (not pictured) [website]
Representative: Chris Gibson

Related fields of study: adolescence education, childhood education, early childhood education, early childhood development, early childhood, human services, multimedia production

Opportunities: Compeer Chautauqua is a mentoring organization dedicated to being a friend to youth in the community by providing programs and support. They seek volunteers willing to meet with a program attendee one on one, one hour a week, with a one year commitment. Volunteers are also sought for video production to assist with public relations.

Computer Den

The Computer Den [website]
Representative: Rich Harris

Related fields of study: computer information systems, computer science, information technology, network administration
Opportunities: The Computer Den is a computer store and repair center. The company offers internships in information technology, computer repair, and computer networking.

Dream It. Do It.

Dream It. Do it. [website]
Representative: Justin Hanft

Related fields of study: computer-aided design and computer numerical control, engineering science, industrial equipment technology, machine tool technology, mechanical technology, welding technology

Opportunities: Dream It. Do It. has connections with numerous Chautauqua County manufacturing employers. They connect students to advanced manufacturing internships and direct students to manufacturing careers and companies.

Jamestown Gazette

The Jamestown Gazette [website]
Representative: Walt Pickut

Related fields of study: communication, digital graphic design and publishing, humanities

Opportunities: The Jamestown Gazette is a free, locally owned community newspaper. Internships focus on graphic design (ad copy, paper layout) and writing articles.

Jamestown Savings Bank Arena

Jamestown Savings Bank Arena [website]
Representatives: Hannah Braun, Brittany Mason

Related fields of study: communication, digital graphic design and publishing, multimedia production, office technology

Opportunities: The Jamestown Savings Bank Arena hosts a multitude of community, arts, and sporting events. With their new hockey team, the Arena is offering marketing, office, and game day internships.

Lucy Desi Museum

Lucy Desi Museum and Comedy Center [website]
Representatives: Steve Neilans, Dallas Thurn

Opportunities: The Lucy Desi Museum showcases priceless costumes, awards, photographs, and other vintage memorabilia from the estates of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Contact Felix Muzza for more information on volunteer and internship possibilities.


photo by Greg Swab

maurices [website]
Representatives: Kara Densmore, Kiera Elicker

Opportunities: maurices supports the individuality and positive self-esteem of their customers by providing unique, fashionable, budget-conscious clothing styles. Internships are available for a variety of positions. Check out their website for more information.

The Resource Center

The Resource Center [website]
Representative: Tyler Monin

Related fields of study: business: accounting, business: business administration, communication, human services, nursing, occupational therapy assistant

Opportunities: The Resource Center provides services to persons with disabilities, including health services, counseling, and living options. Volunteer and internship positions focus on interaction with clients, marketing and public relations, and business.

United Way

United Way [website]
Representative: Jill Kaczar

Opportunities: United Way brings together volunteer opportunities from organizations throughout the entire Chautauqua region. United Way provides an easy process for students who are looking to volunteer in the area.

WCA Hospital

WCA Hospital [website]
Representatives: Elizabeth DeRosa, Jessica Hunt, Deb Swanson

Related fields of study: business: business administration, medical office technology, nursing, occupational therapy assistant, office technology

Opportunities: WCA Hospital meets numerous health care needs within Chautauqua County. Internships are available for students in a healthcare related field, such as medical office technology and nursing. WCA Hospital welcomes volunteers for transporting patients within the hospital, managing the information desk and gift shop, and assisting with other office opportunities.


YWCA [website]
Representatives: Krista Camarata, Shane Monron

Related fields of study: adolescence education, childhood education, early childhood education, early childhood development, early childhood, human services

Opportunities: The YWCA of Jamestown empowers women and their families through after school services, transitional housing, and educational programming on subjects like nutrition and teenage pregnancy. Interns and volunteers who are interested in working with children are welcomed.

Thank you to all of the organizations, students, offices of Campus Life and Experiential Learning, and JCC community for making our first fair a success!