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The student leaders pose for a group shot after rehearsal.

Behind the Scenes: Orientation Skits

After three long and exhausting days full of hard work, some of the Jamestown Community College Student Leaders (Peer Mentors, Student Senators, and RAs) gathered together at Scharmann Theatre on…

The JCC, Jayhawk, and Jaguar Logos

Write For Us!

The Blogger Application for 2013! We need the help of a few talented storytellers for our blog! Help us tell the story of Jamestown Community College on the Web. We want…

Top 15 Courses with Open Seats at JCC

It’s hard to believe that classes will be starting next week! But if you find yourself with some extra space on your schedule, it’s not too late to sign up…

men playing instruments next to castle

Tropical Biology: Societies of Costa Rica and Panama

Costa Rica is an amazing place, whether looking at the extraordinary biodiversity or the remarkable efforts made by the people and government there to protect the amazing flora and fauna….

geography of costa rica

Tropical Biology: Geography

Geography of Costa Rica Geography  The Republic of Costa Rica is a unique country, both geographically and climatically.  This is due to its mountain ranges and location near the equator….

rain forest from above

Tropical Biology: Conservation

The tropical rainforest is home to more than 50 percent of life on Earth. The rainforests help maintain climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They also play a…

“Hidden Gems” of JCC – The Weeks Gallery

The Jamestown Campus is lucky to have a superb art resource: the Weeks Gallery. Art exhibits have been a prominent part of the Jamestown Campus since 1970, and the Weeks…

plants in tropical rain forest

Tropical Biology: Botany

The Costa Rican rainforest is home to a large number of plants. The density of plant species in this region is much higher than that of our temperate, deciduous region. When walking…